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Observation Towers

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05 06 2023
06 06 2023

 In Świeradów-Zdrój you can find 3 observation towers, which have been made available to visitors. One additional tower you can find on the Czech side of the Jizera Mountains.

We cordially invite you to visit them. The views are definitely worth it!

The viewing tower

on Czerniawska Kopa

The observation tower is built on the top of Czerniawska Kopa, in the same place where its predecessor stood many years ago. It is made of durable larch wood. It is 15 m high and has two viewing terraces.

At the same time, it can accommodate about 20 people. Next to the tower, a place for rest and bicycle stands have been built, which is important due to the close proximity of Singletrack cycle paths. The tower was put into use in November 2019.

on Czerniawska Kopa
path in the clouds


The design of the Świeradów-Zdrój Cloud Path tower is designed in the form of a multifunctional adventure and cognitive tower, the primary purpose of which is to provide views of the surrounding area. The tower is to provide the visitor with a bird's eye view of the beauty of nature in the enviroment, the city of Świeradów-Zdrój, the Kwisa River valley, and the surrounding mountains.

The path is 799 m long and ends with a viewing terrace 56.6 m above the surrounding area. There are several attractions on the path, among others; cableway, slide, relaxation network.

The Sky Walk Tower is less than 1 km from the hotel.

Observation Tower

On the Młynica

Steel structure with a total height of 33.8 m.

Two observation platforms are made available for the use of visitors; the first - at a height of 15.5 m, the second - at a height of 23.7 m.

The upper observation deck is equipped with observation telescopes, panoramic cameras and a horizon observation camera, enabling you to view the panorama of the Jizera Mountains and Foothills. To get to it, it is enough to climb 148 steps of stairs made of platform gratings.

The tower must be reached on foot. We suggest you leave your car in the parking lot at ul. Strażacka (above the lower SKI & SUN gondola station). Then cross the street and take the path towards the forest. Afer a 200m walk you will see the upper observation deck of the tower, hoovering among the tree tops.

On the Młynica
Giving you a view of all sides of the valley
The towers are located in three parts of the city

Giving you a view of all sides of the valley

Czech side of the mountains


Smrek, the peak on the western border of Wysokie Grzbiet. It has two peaks separated by a small pass; one at an altitude of 1123 m and the other 1124 m above sea level - the higher one is located on the Czech side of the Jizera Mountains, the lower one is located on the Polish-Czech border.

Smrek owes its name to a tall spruce (the word "smrk" means "spruce" in Czech), which grew there for several centuries.

The lookout tower that you can visit today was erected in the years 2001-2003 in the place where an old and damaged wooden tower once stood, built at the end of the 19th century. In nice weather, you can admire the panorama of the area from the highest terrace- the Jizera Mountains, the Lusatian Mountains, the Karkonosze and the Jizera Foothills.

The tower is located about 3 km from Stóg Izerski (about 45 minutes walk away).

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