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Attractions for kids

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05 06 2023
06 06 2023

Staying in a hotel with children? Sure thing!

For children, fun in the pool and mountain excursions are as fun as they are for adults.

And if you want to spice up your kids' stay with additional impressions, we have some ideas for you, where to find them:

Adventure in the Mountains
Educational path

Adventure in the Mountains

The educational tourist path is almost 1.5 km long.
During the walk, kids can learn the most important facts about our region and the surrounding fauna and flora.
Riddles, rebuses and tasks will make the walk more pleasant and stimulate the imagination, thus providing knowledge about nature.
Before entering the path, it is worth downloading the "Adventure in the Mountains" mobile application, thanks to which you will expand your knowledge and satisfy the curiosity of your children.

Chile in the Sudetes

Alpaca breeding

There is no better way to spend time than being with animals. And when they are quite exotic, the joy is double.
We invite you to visit the Alpak Farm from Proszówka, where you will be able to see these beautiful creatures live, without the bars and fences of the zoo.
The breeding farm organizes educational activities, walks and spending time with the Alpacas.

Alpaca breeding
Szklarska Poręba


An amusement park with an educational path where you can meet reconstructions of several dozen of dinosaurs species in their natural sizes.
A visit to the parks will allow you to make a pleasant journey through 500 million years of earth combined with a history lesson. The park also offers playgrounds for children and a 6D cinema.

Rope Park


TRROLLANDIA rope park is located in the city park in the city center of Szklarska Poręba, and is a high-rise system of platforms and rope obstacles installed on trees.
The CONTINUOUS BELTING system has been installed in the park - 100% safety. The participant is attached to the safety rope at the beginning of the route, he freely overcomes obstacles without having to change over, only at the end of the route he is unhooked from the rope by the instructor.
The routes are adapted to the age and skills of users, for the youngest there are Trolliknowo routes suspended at a height of 1-1.5 m, where children actively develop motor coordination while having fun.



The Lower Silesia Monuments' Miniature Park and the Palace Playground

Perfectly made models of castles, palaces, town halls and many other tourist attractions and monuments of Lower Silesia and the surrounding area.
All miniatures were made in 1:25 scale using the latest modeling techniques.



The Lower Silesia Monuments' Miniature Park and the Palace Playground
The Lower Silesia Monuments' Miniature Park and the Palace Playground
Palace Playground - a huge playground for children filled with inflatable boats, slides, climbing structures, obstacle courses and a whole lot of other attractions to entertain your children. The playroom is open in the summer season (June - September)

Magical Pławna

Magical Pławna consists of three objects that form one great fairy-tale land:

  • The Castle of Silesian Legends with a unique puppet show. Inside, a handful of ancient legends from Lower Silesia, spectacular light and sound effects as well as human-sized puppets animated with a special rope system. In the courtyard there are houses - studios (lithographic and ceramic), a puppet theater, beautiful expressive sculptures, a carousel and many interesting places to discover.
  • Noah's Ark which is a kind of museum of sacred art, relics, old prints, biblical scenes and many, many more.
  • The Knights' Castle is surrounded by a palisade with turrets, from which there is a beautiful view, incl. to the Castle of Silesian Legends and its surroundings, as well as a monumental deer sculpture. Siege machines and defensive elements cleverly turned into a playground, and the great Trojan Horse in the center of the square and the head of the Mountain Spirit at its gate invite you inside.
Magical Pławna
Wild Jump
Trampoline Park

Wild Jump

Wild Jump is a place for people of all ages, regardless of their sports skills - everyone will find something for themselves, because fun is what counts here.
In the trampoline park, you can have fun on trampolines of various degrees of inclination, play basketball by jumping like a Kobe, climb a climbing wall with an obstacle course or dive in a pool filled with sponge cushions.


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