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Holistic SPA

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05 06 2023
06 06 2023

HOLOS - translated from Greek means "the whole". This is what the Holistic SPA focuses on - meeting the needs of all levels. Kinesiotherapy, color therapy and aromatherapy in combination with body treatments soothe the soul and the body, creating a coherent whole. Each Holistic treatment is a kind of ritual focusing on the flow of energy in the human body and the possibilities of its use.

Life Impressions Bodywork

This method does not work with a specific symptom but rather with the entire body treating it as a whole. By gentle manual therapy systems and conscious touch we obtain high therapeutic effects.

Life Impressions Bodywork
Crainosacral Tharapy

Crainosacral Tharapy

It is a deep healing process that can free up both mental and physical illness patterns. Therapy can be helpful for most people ranging from minor ailments to acute conditions and chronic health problems.

The Crystal Lamps - Light Theraphy

The crystal device combines ancient knowledge with modern technology. The crystal lamp consists of seven, transparent crystals, suspended on a panel. The crystals have been cut to the appropriate frequencies / according to the Vogel system / and emanate with seven colors. The crystal placed next to the human body resonates in a specific way. The treatment has a therapeutic effect and serves to strengthen vitality. Crystals helpswith the treatment of various diseases, strengthen the immune system, eliminate back pain, balance disorders, gastric and thyroid disorders as well as heart ailments. They improve eyesight and benefit the heart. The energy of the crystals can be used to rejuvenate the body. A unique accessory – the solfege music is used for the treatment with crystal lamps, thanks to which in one treatment there is a combination of light therapy, color therapy, lithotherapy and music therapy, where the main character is the CRYSTAL.


The Crystal Lamps - Light Theraphy
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