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05 06 2023
06 06 2023

The conference room of the Buczyński Hotel **** also functions as a gallery of paintings created here during the annual painting plein-air.
The paintings are unique and made available to be admired by Buczyński Family only on the premises of the Hotel.

an annual festival of arts

Painting open-air

Every year, in the summer, the hotel organizes a Painting Open-Air, bringing together painters and artists from all over Poland.
During a week-long stay, painters invited by the patrons of art and hotel owners - the Buczyński family - devote themselves to the process of creating extraordinary works of art, which at the end of the open-air event are displayed in the picture gallery of the Hotel Buczyński **** Medical & SPA.
Some of the works created during the open air stay in the gallery for longer, pleasing the eye of visiting painting lovers and hotel guests.
During the event, we host well-known names such as Mr. Henryk Sawka, Zdzisław Pietrzak, Franciszek Maśluszczak or Śp. Edward Dwurnik and other artists.
The works created on the premises of Buczyński **** MEDICAL & SPA are available for sale directly from their authors.

Painting open-air
Art at every turn

Art at every turn

Although in truth a conference room is a place strictly referred to as a "gallery" in a hotel, the statement that the entire facility is a gallery will not be untrue.
Guests visiting the hotel have contact with art at almost every turn.
The hotel bar was decorated with fantastic works by Mrs. Agnieszka Mieszko-Nita and Mr. Henryk Sawka. There are both graphics personalized with the hotel or city of Świeradów-Zdrój as well as loosely created satires of media or political situations,
The main restaurant of the hotel is decorated with soothing landscapes by Mrs. Halina Pokorska, while the a'la Crte room is decorated with works by Mr. Zdzisław Pietrzak. The corridors of the Medical SPA zone are a real galaxy of stars of the artistic world: beautiful, colorful and soothing landscapes, abstractions and graphics deepen the feeling of relaxation and relaxation. Corridors leading to the hot-water rooms are decorated with old photos and graphics referring to the city of Świeradów Zdrój, while the reception and the main hall of the hotel provide pictures of the late Edward Dwurnik and portraits of the Buczyński family created by the portraitist of Mr. Włodzimierz Mazanka.

During the artists' stay, the hotel also organizes painting workshops for children from a nearby school, ending with a vernissage of the works of small painters.

The kids, under the supervision of professionals, sometimes create their first important works, as well as perfect their workshop while having a great time.


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